Pro-Globin Blood Tonic




Pro-Globin, the ultimate Blood Tonic is a nutritional blend of all-natural vital ingredients.  It is specially formulated to provide optimal well-being and vitality for the modern performance horse.

Pro-Globin is an effective appertiser and feed supplement recommended for use as a dietary additive during training, racing, pregnancy, nursing and convalescence.

Pro-Globin contains scientifically selected natural iron and protein in a high energy syrup base.

The key ingredient Vitamin B12 is known to help with symptoms of fatigue, muscle ache, muscle weakness, joint pain and poor appetite.

Innhold:  1 liter


Feeding Information

25ml twice daily for a 20 or 40 day course.
One bottle is a 20 day course.


High performance horses Maintaining energy levels Improved energy
Nursing mares Heart health Improved recovery time
Convalescing horses Production of red blood cells Maintain nutrient balance

Pro-Globin blood tonic


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